Reduce a throwaway culture | Empower green ambassadors

Making small changes at work to reduce waste, can save money and empower your staff and business to be greener.

Create a low-waste culture at work and get your employees to change their 'throwaway' mindset. It will save you a lot of money and cause a healthy buzz to do some good. And if anyone wants to be your green ambassador, then allow them some time in their work schedule to action some simple changes (superhero cape optional).

Tip: avoid compostable reusable cups! Compostable plastic cups and takeaway containers sound ideal but they will only compost in a particular type of processor. This means if they end up as litter they are just as problematic as plastic.

Here are some easy things you can do to start the cultural shift:

  • Ask staff to bring in reusable water bottles and coffee cups
  • Say 'goodbye' to the coffee/water cup machine
  • Only have metal reusable cutlery in the kitchen
  • Ditch teabags with plastic in 
  • Get milk delivered – cut down on plastic and support local dairies
  • Use local caterers and food services who don’t use plastic
  • Ditch the plastic tea bags - go loose leaf instead
  • Ensure you've got recycling bins for all waste 
  • Buy your stationery from a green supplier
  • Buy eco-cleaning products or use an eco-cleaning supplier
  • Volunteering days - support local beach or litter clean ups 
  • Find a home for leftovers
  • Communicate internally what you're doing and share externally when you've done it! 
Will you give this a go?