Dino Driving
Nine years from now, petrol and diesel cars will be extinct

Bristol's Driving Change

We are a community-driven partnership that is supporting Bristol ahead of the Clean Air Zone launch, with help and guidance on how we can all create a cleaner, greener city.

Our partners are experts in their field and together, we’ve created a range of guides, practical advice and ideas on how to create a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

‘Action Net Zero’ highlights the easy, everyday and affordable actions we can all take to help ourselves, each other and ultimately our planet towards ‘net zero’; a healthier and greener world where carbon emissions are reduced and the climate is no longer in crisis.

Whether you’re a resident or business, we’d love you to join us on our journey and tell us how you're taking steps towards net zero. 

Come join the evolution!

It's time to evolve

Air pollution affects our health and our planet.

To combat this, Bristol is introducing a Clean Air Zone - designed to discourage high emission vehicles from travelling in the designated city centre zone.

In just nine years’ time new petrol and diesel vehicles will be extinct, so there’s never been a better time to make the switch to cleaner transport options.

Better for our health, communities, environment and bank balance.

How will you help Bristol to breathe cleaner air?


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