Dino Driving
Nine years from now, petrol and diesel cars will be extinct

It's time to evolve

Air pollution affects our health and our planet.

To combat this, Bristol is introducing a Clean Air Zone in the city centre and high emission vehicles will be discouraged from travelling in the designated zone through the introduction of a daily charge.

Add to this the fact that in just nine years’ time, new petrol and diesel vehicles will be extinct so there’s never been a better time to go electric. Better for our health, communities, environment and bank balance.

What will the Clean Air Zone mean for Bristol?


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Make the switch

We’ve become so reliant on our vehicles that we don’t always consider there could be another way of getting to our destination.

Walking, running or cycling are the most environmentally-friendly and just about the healthiest ways we can get from A to B. Great for us and the planet (double win!).

In addition, public transport or car sharing reduces congestion and the impact on the environment plus the last few years has seen a rise in business adoption of “greener” modes of transport such as e-cargo. 

Where do you sit on the 'Transport Hierarchy’?


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The spark you need

Electric Vehicles (EVs for short) have evolved a lot since they were first introduced to the UK market.

Now, nearly all major car manufacturers have electric vehicle options and the improvement in technology means you can travel a distance of over two hundred miles on one charge!

With lower running costs, no road tax on many models and financial incentives on offer, changing to an EV is now a realistic and affordable option for all drivers.

Will you consider an EV?


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Bristol's Driving Change

We are a community-driven partnership that is supporting Bristol ahead of the Clean Air Zone launch, with help and guidance on how we can all create a cleaner, greener city.

Our partners are experts in their field and together, we’ve created a range of guides, practical advice and ideas on how to create a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

‘Action Net Zero’ highlights the easy, everyday and affordable actions we can all take to help ourselves, each other and ultimately our planet towards ‘net zero’; a healthier and greener world where carbon emissions are reduced and the climate is no longer in crisis.

Whether you’re a resident or business, we’d love you to join us on our journey and tell us how you're taking steps towards net zero. 

Come join the evolution!

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