Get a recycling collection service for your business | Save £££'s

It's expensive for the region to treat waste, and sort mixed waste. So, we need to work together to reduce the quantities, save our region and businesses money, and help the environment.

The thing is, it's really easy to do! Businesses can make a big difference if they just re-use and recycle as much as possible. Simply stop any plastic going into black bin bags and recycle it instead. Rates for commercial recycling of plastic in Bristol are 17%, metal is 15%, card and paper are 50% where as glass is at 78%! * That's pretty rubbish isn't it. (Well, it's certainly not 'pretty' and shouldn't be 'rubbish'.)  

So, do you recycle your business waste? If not then you can save money instantly by getting a recycling contract and look good in the process: 

  • Small businesses could save £500 - £700 per year
  • Medium could save £2,200 - £3,400 
  • Large could save £8,100 - £10,800 per year. *source Bristol Net Zero by 2030 CSE

Due to Coronavirus there's even more waste than before, because of PPE which can't be recycled. So it's even more important that we pull together on this. 

In addition to getting as much waste recycled as possible, here are some other things you and your colleagues can do to reduce overall waste, improve air quality and support our oceans:

  • Know what your biggest waste is. Establish what it is that you and your colleagues are actually throwing away and try to reduce it.
  • Once you know this, then get some advice from a business waste management company on which bins are the most cost efficient for your needs. They'll tell you where you can reduce waste and generally give you some pointers for the future. 
  • Is there anything worth keeping from your waste? For example, if you throw away a lot of wood then you could process it into sawdust and use it for patching up holes in planks, or for absorbing spills on site. 
  • If you're a café then you can recycle your coffee grounds to be made into Bio Fuel. See, the possibilites are endless!

Here are some companies that can help you reduce your costs, become greener and support the South West to recycle more: 

Waste Source

Waste Source state their aim is to reduce your waste costs by helping you to recycle more. They have a simple online calculator so you can see the savings you could make straight away.

Bristol Waste Services 

For businesses in the city, Bristol Waste recognise the importance of a strong sustainable recycling solution to both existing and potential clients.




Will you give this a go?