Use eco cleaning products | Improve indoor air pollution

Swapping harsh chemicals for eco products is a simple way of helping to protect ourselves and the environment.

Harsh chemicals are often found in household cleaning products which can affect our skin, airways and eyes. They're known as volatile organic compounds, and contribute to indoor air pollution which Public Health England suggests can have adverse effects on our health. 

In addition, the chemicals in these cleaning products, even after they've passed through water treatment plants, still find their way into ponds, rivers and lakes. The phosphates in laundry and dishwasher detergent for instance, have a fertilising effect which promotes the growth of algae and reduces the water's oxygen levels - none of which are good for our wildlife and ecosystems, as they reduce biodiversity. 

There are plenty of organisations that supply eco cleaning products and eco cleaning services, for homes or businesses. We've rounded up some of companies in the South West to help you on your way. 


Eco cleaning services

There's plenty of cleaning services in the South West for businesses and homes that only use eco cleaning products.

Eco cleaning products

There are many alternatives to harsh cleaning products, we've listed some independent businesses below that can help you.

Will you give this a go?