Get a birdbox, help a hedgehog | Give back to nature

Our wildlife needs us! 97% of wildflower meadows, and 87% of wetlands have been lost since the 1930's. But we can help by making our gardens as animal-friendly as possible.

Hedgehogs are dying out. The RSPC has said that in the 1950's there were over 30 million in the UK, but recent estimates suggest there are now less than 1 million, with rural areas seeing a big decline due to the reduction in hedgerows.

This is also the case for house sparrows, according to the RSPB, whose decline has been particularly noted across the UK. A tragic 60% has been lost since the mid 1970's mainly due to changes in farming methods.  And sadly it's a similar story for swallows, as more and more outbuildings are renovated, their natural habitats are being diminished. As wetland pastures are converted to arable land, the flying insects that should be abundant, are now shrinking in their numbers, meaning less food for the swallows too.

These are merely a few of the species that need our help.

We've listed some local companies in the South West that can help you create or buy the perfect nesting home:

*Wildlife Trusts

Give a hedgehog a home 

Make a bird box 



Will you give this a go?