Getting Watergate Bay Hotel plugged into electric vehicle charging

Good Energy installed a future-proof electric vehicle charging network for this leading independent hotel

With the Government estimating there will be 3 million electric vehicles (EVs) on UK roads by 2025, we spoke to Good Energy about the setup requirements for businesses like Watergate Bay Hotel, when it comes to catering for EV driving customers...


"Our business supply customer, Watergate Bay Hotel, approached us for advice on a new EV charging solution flexible enough to meet this growing demand.

Over several months, we worked with the hotel to develop a bespoke solution. This included investigating the whole EV technology market to define our recommended offering: a network of four smart chargers.


“Good Energy managed the whole process. With their support we’re confident we have the right technology. Without them we wouldn’t have known where to start”

Will Ashworth, Watergate Bay Hotel Managing Director


Our research also highlighted a potential grid capacity issue, which would be expensive to fix. After liaising with the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) we installed power management software specifically engineered to the hotel’s needs.

To further increase the adaptability of the system, the smart chargers came with a dashboard allowing the hotel to monitor how guests use them and set charging prices if required in the future."


The challenge:

• Offering an EV charge point service to a growing number of customers

• Ensuring that the charge point solution worked within the site’s existing grid capacity


The solution:

• Installing four cloud-networked chargers within the hotel car park

• Good Energy liaising with local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to offer the best grid capacity solution


The result:

• End-to-end service ensuring a quick and efficient installation process

• Smart charge points for a growing number of EV customers, flexible enough to adapt to future demand 


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