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Edwards create green manufacturing solutions that are at the heart of the technology we use every day. By removing toxic waste gases in the semiconductor manufacturing process – essential for your smartphone, laptop, TV, and countless other devices – they play a key role in sustainability and the growth of green technologies. 

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Sustainability through collaboration

As headline partner of Action Net Zero, together we hosted a roundtable discussion on 5th October 2022 to discuss what South West businesses need to know about the transition to renewables. 

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Insider Breakfast: Net Zero Goals and Roadmap

Edwards joined the business breakfast panel at Clifton Pavilion and shared practical advice with business leaders to help them towards their net zero and sustainability goals.

Engineering and more

Edwards is proud to lead the vacuum and abatement industry. They push the boundaries of science to deliver innovative products which are intrinsic to everyday life, working in partnership with their customers to continually set new standards.

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They are committed to minimizing the negative environmental impacts of semiconductor manufacturing, and they strive to reduce their own effects on the environment. For now, and for the future.

Did you know that Edwards have a site in Clevedon? They currently employ over 700 people, and are always on the lookout for talented people to join their team. From apprenticeship opportunities to engineering roles and more, see what they have to offer.

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