VW Net carbon neutral cars
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ID.3 | VW net carbon neutral

Translated as the ‘people’s car’, The Volkswagen Group have been designing and producing cars since 1945.

With a strong awareness of its responsibility to the environment, Volkswagen signed a commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, meaning CO2 neutrality by 2050. The Group is focusing on electrifying their vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions, and are extremely excited to release their first model that follows this strategy in the form of the ID.3.

The ID.3 is the first electric Volkswagen to be made in a carbon neutral balance sheet manner and has been done by following a comprehensive sustainable strategy. It’s the beginning of an exciting new stage for the company, and also marks the start of a new era in the field of sustainability.

Volkswagen followed three principles in order to achieve carbon neutrality:

  • Reduce CO2 effectively and sustainably
  • Convert the energy supply to renewable energies
  • Compensate for unavoidable emissions by investing in climate protection project.

The battery for the ID.3 is consistently charged with renewable electricity and this, as well as the manufacturing process, means that this new car makes it possible for drivers and passengers to have balance-sheet CO2-neutral mobility. And it looks good too!

“Decarbonisation can succeed if CO2 emissions are consistently avoided or reduced, and in terms of unavoidable emissions, offset with climate protection projects.” The Volkswagen Group.