Upgrade your gas boiler | Invest in the future

Ditch your gas boiler for a green alternative, and help towards a net zero future.

To meet net zero targets we’ll all need to upgrade our housing boilers from natural gas to clean alternatives by 2030. So, if you need a new boiler it’s worth investigating alternatives now, especially as there are some financial rewards available from the government in some cases, i.e. ground source heat pumps*.

Gas boilers will not be used in any new build domestic properties from 2025, as per standards set by Philip Hammond. Even though this doesn’t apply to existing properties, future proofing our heating systems is a wise investment, just adding solar panels to your house could add up to £16,000 to its value, as suggested by DEFRA. 

What options are there? Who in the South West can help you with advice and installation? Bristol and Somerset is home to the Centre for Sustainable Energy which has a wealth of insight and guides to help understand whether renewable heat sources are right for you and your home. 

Here are some of their guides to help you on your way:

Solar hot water/thermal

Solar PV - electricity 

Ground source heat pumps*

Air source heat pumps 

Biomass heating