Save on energy bills | Smart charging gadgets

Save money on your electricity bill simply by changing the way you charge your devices and manage your appliances at home.

How many devices does your household put on charge overnight? Most only take a few hours, but we're charging our phones, tablets and kindles all night - up to 2 thirds more than they need! Not only is this using more electricity than we need to, but is also potentially damaging the life of the battery.

To prevent wasting electricity, try plugging your chargers into a timer plug to shut them off automatically when you sleep. There are many simple devices that allow us to set recharge times, thereby reducing our electricity bills and saving our batteries in the process. So buy some variable run down timers and get saving!

There's also the waste of energy from standby mode - TVs, laptops, gaming consoles, Alexa's - they drain electricity and increase your electricity bills. A simple way to reduce the cost is to remember to switch your plugs off when not in use. You can also buy smart plugs locally, which are linked to your smart phone meaning you can switch your appliances, devices and lights on and off remotely, giving you total control and reducing your electricity bills without even moving. 

Timer plug | Save money

A smart device that you can set to automatically stop charging, saving you money on your energy bills.

Smart plug | Save money

A smart plug allows you to control your home appliances remotely through your smart phone, giving you ultimate control.

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