Reduce water at work | Save money

Saving water is a great way to reduce business costs and become more environmentally responsible as an organisation. Here are some water saving tips that you can start today.

Clean and readily available water is a valuable resource, and one we shouldn't take for granted. Due to the increases in population and climatic changes, the UK is at an increased risk of water shortages. But the good news is that saving water at home and at work is an easy way to be greener and save money.

  • Check there are no water leaks at work by monitoring your water meter at night.
  • Where is your biggest usage? Do a simple test of monitoring the meter while using different water sources to understand your consumption. 
  • Are your appliances, i.e. dishwashers, as energy efficient as possible?
  • Install water flow restrictors on taps within the premises. 
  • Where does your waste water go? Can it be diverted and recycled for use elsewhere? 
  • Could you get a 'boiling and chilled water tap' for your employees, instead of running taps until cold or constantly boiling water? 
  • Do your office bathrooms have old style taps that need to be manually switched off? If so, ask your landlord to change them to push button taps that release a set amount of water at a time. 
  • Encourage your staff to be aware of the water they are using, communicate with them, put up posters reminding them how precious water is and that as a company you want to reduce the business's consumption to support your net zero journey. 
  • Support Water Saving Week (29th April-May 3rd) to increase awareness and support water waste reductions.
  • Get involved with the national campaign Love Water.  
  • Ask your landlord these questions if you're not able to answer them yourself. 

These are just a few simple ways that you can reduce the amount of water you use at work, but of course depending on your business there will be many more solutions, especially if you use a lot. Below are some specialist companies that can help you if you're a high water usage company. 


Will you give this a go?