Reduce air miles | Explore different travel choices

Flying has one of the biggest impacts on our carbon footprints. Now's the time to re-think our travel choices on our net zero journey.

Did you know that the emissions from one return ticket from London to New York are roughly the equivalent to that of heating a typical home for a whole year?* Bonkers isn't it. Though the impact is clear, there are substantial challenges in reducing aviation emissions given that there are no low-carbon alternatives, and technology is expected to remain technically unfeasible.*

So, the only real opportunity we have on our net zero journey, 2030, is to reduce the amount we fly, encouraging both businesses and individuals to reduce their air miles by making different choices. 

Frequent flyers, whether for business or for pleasure, are a key section of the population that can have the most impact, an estimated 70% of UK flights are taken by just 15% of the population.*

For businesses, the Covid pandemic has shown us a different way of working. Businesses now have a chance to re-think how they communicate with overseas colleagues and clients. This is the time to take advantage of low cost digital platforms that enable virtual meetings, saving time and reducing carbon footprints. 

For travel enthusiasts, reducing long haul flights and rethinking travel modes is a key action - boat and rail being natural alternatives. 

We've rounded up a few organisations that can help you travel more sustainably. 

* A free ride

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