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Mend and rent | Save money and say 'no' to a throw away culture

A 'Things' Library - A place you can rent anything, from a hedge trimmer to a chocolate fountain, and save money while reducing waste.

Are you becoming more aware of your environmental impact and want ways to avoid the throw away culture? Well, 'The Library of Things' might be your answer. 

It's a really simple idea that's taking off across the country, and it's helping small businesses to grow as they rent out the appliances we tend to only ever use once!

Not only do ‘Thing’ libraries reduce electrical waste, but they can also save us all money, get back the time we'd have spent maintaining gadgets, and free up space around the house. There are even opportunities to buy a franchise if you're looking for a new business venture.

Library of Things rely on donors, so if you're downsizing or just clearing out the garage, consider donating to your nearest library. You never know, you may even stumble across a chocolate fountain! 

Here are some local libraries as well as some great companies to help you mend, not throw away!

Will you give this a go?
Here are some companies that can help you along the way

Bristol Repair cafe

Bristol Textile Quarter

Children's scrap store