Join a car club | Save money and reduce emissions

Many residents and businesses across the South West are now using car clubs to reduce their carbon footprint. A choice that means you can be mobile at a fraction of the cost.

Phasing out diesel and petrol cars on our journey to net zero is going to be challenging, but there are many personal benefits of using a car club rather than having a privately owned vehicle. For example, you are saving money, you can rent them from as little as £4 per hour* with no maintenance or insurance on top, and more importantly they play a major part in tackling climate change, conjestion and traffic pollution.

ComoUK reports that during 2017-2018, 4,747 cars were disposed of due to members joining car clubs. And for every club car, 6.1 private cars are displaced, saving 364 tonnes of CO2. 

Bristol is an active car club city with a number of different operators to choose from. So convenience of pick up and drop off shouldn't be a problem, because there are lots of designated bays across the city. They also have electric vehicles for hire, so you can be net zero too. 

*Travel West 

Will you give this a go?