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Smart meters are the smart choice for reducing energy bills and making everything simpler.

Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters. They are being rolled out across the UK to help us manage and use energy more efficiently, supporting our journey to net zero.

With an in-home display, they show you exactly how much energy you’re using as well as the associated cost, so it encourages good energy habits, and research shows that homes can have energy savings of 5-20%.

Meter readings are also a thing of the past, because with a smart meter it's done automatically. They also show if there are any sudden spikes in energy usage, often linked to faulty appliances, allowing these to be managed quickly.

They're a vital part of our ability to reduce our Green House Gas emissions. Smart Energy GB estimates a 24% decrease in emissions from homes and businesses by 2030. This is by enabling us to make more informed decisions on buying energy efficient appliances, and by changing the way we use energy to make it more cost effective.

The Government's ambition is for everyone in England, Scotland and Wales to be given one at no upfront cost in the next few years, with restrictions on installing smart meters being eased following COVID-19. 

If you plan to switch, check with your current supplier to see if they're installing in your area.

Money Saving Expert has a great guide on How to get a smart meter. If you're a homeowner, someone who's renting, or a businesss, then sign up for a meter and take control of your energy bills. 

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