Choose reusable plates & cutlery | Ditch the disposables

With the UK banning single-use cutlery, plates and trays, here's how to still enjoy your meal on the go...

With over 1 billion single-use plates and 4 billion pieces of single-use cutlery thrown away each year in England alone, the government has taken action to end our wasteful habits with plans to phase out single-use plastic plates and cutlery, as well as polystyrene cups and containers.

With each plastic fork taking up to 200 years to break down, and plastic never able to fully decompose, the ban is a long overdue move to encourage more of us to choose sustainable, reusable options when we're on the move.

Plastic takeaway packaging makes up the largest share of litter in the world’s oceans, according to research - but fortunately, it's easily avoided. 

By taking your own reusable cutlery with you when you're eating on the move, you can dodge the waste... as well as making your meal easier to enjoy than dining with plastic!

Reusable coffee cups, food pots and straws are becoming staples in many of our kitchen cupboards, and most food outlets are happy to serve your takeaway meal in your own container if you ask. 

Not keen on dirty cutlery in your bag all day? Simply pop them in a reusable tote or stasher bag, ready to wash when you get home. Easy! 

These small habits add up to a big difference for our planet, so get your to-go kit ready today, and enjoy zero-waste takeaway food whenever you get the urge!