Rightcharge currently offers the UK’s only all-in-one comparison service for smart home charge points and electric vehicle friendly home energy tariffs.


What do they do?

Rightcharge lets drivers minimise the carbon impact and cost of charging their electric car through their comparison service for EV energy tariffs and home charge points.

Founded in 2019, Rightcharge’s services include:

  • Home EV charger comparison - Drivers can choose from a wide range of smart chargers and find the best pricing in their area for each option, based on pricing from over 60 different UK installation companies. Some drivers focus on technology, like solar panel-integration, while others focus on aesthetics or budget – there’s no one-size-fits-all. Rightcharge guides drivers quickly and easily to the best decision.
  • EV-friendly energy tariff comparison - Rightcharge is the first comparison service to consider a home owner’s electric car, as well as their home. By asking questions about the car, home and the user’s driving habits, Rightcharge finds bill payers the cheapest and greenest energy tariffs on the market, ensuring their EV is charged at the lowest cost possible.
  • Electric Fuel Card - Drivers can pay with company or personal funds by tapping the Rightcharge Card at 37,000+ charge points. Businesses can then manage all company car drivers' electric vehicle charging in one dashboard, and pay for their drivers' home charging by making one payment to Rightcharge, who then distributes funds to their home energy suppliers, so employees are never out of pocket.


Why do we love them?

Rightcharge have made it so much easier for people to make an informed decision about the best energy tariff and charging option for their electric vehicle and for the environment. Over 8,000 drivers have reduced their charge point or energy supplier bills, saving an average of more than £500 a year.

“Our mission at Rightcharge is to make electric car charging simple, clean and affordable. The Action Net Zero campaign is a brilliant chance to join forces with other businesses who share our passion for mitigating climate change.

“Figuring out the best way to go green isn’t easy - that’s the whole reason we exist - but it needs to be to meet our climate targets. Clear, independent information is crucial to help people and businesses make the switch to electric vehicles, power their home and offices with clean energy, and embrace cleaner products and services.”

Charlie Cook, Founder and CEO of Rightcharge


For more information, take a look at the Rightcharge website.


Drivers can pay with company or personal funds by simply tapping the Rightcharge Card at 37,000+ charge points.