AI-powered 'retrofit-as-a-service' for businesses such as mortgage lenders, brokers and estate agents.

What do they do?

Mortgage lenders, brokers and agents need to help their customers be more energy efficient, whether to de-risk their loan book, meet decarbonisation targets, or to add value for their customers. The Propflo solution provides all the tools to get their customers retrofitting.

The modular solution includes:

  • PortfolioAudit: An AI-powered analysis of a loan book or CRM to understand risks, opportunities and targeting insights. The team can also provide an Enhanced EPC for pre and post works verification and monitoring.
  • GreenVal: A retrofit tool that businesses send their customers with a report, recommended improvements, and direct quotes from suppliers.
  • HomeHub: One place for homeowners to manage the retrofit and their ongoing net zero journey.

Why do we love them?

Propflo supports businesses to improve their green credentials whilst earning additional revenue from customers that retrofit with their partners - which could be upwards of £500 per property!

Propflo are working to support retrofit at scale by removing the barriers to retrofitting for businesses and their customers. There is no end-to-end solution as comprehensive as Propflo including a full business case, a resilience rating and integrated smart home technology.
For more information, take a look at the Propflo website and discover more about GreenVal.