Octopus Electroverse

Electroverse gives you one-tap access to over 420,000 public EV chargers across the UK & Europe.


What is Octopus Electroverse?

Part of electricity provider Octopus Energy, Octopus Electroverse is your solution for straightfoward EV charging on the go.

Electroverse gives EV drivers access to over 420,000 chargers across the UK and beyond with one card and app, with zero added costs or ongoing fees.

You don’t need to be an Octopus Energy customer to use Electroverse - anyone can join.


Why do we love it?

The Electroverse app makes finding and using a nearby EV charging point easy.

The app gives you exclusive charging discounts, as well as useful features to help you find your next charge, like real-time charge point availability and information, map filters, in-app charging, and  even an in-built route planner for fuss-free journeys.

Octopus Electroverse is compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Automotive OS, meaning you can search, filter and navigate to chargers directly from your car.

The Octopus Electroverse community area is also a helpful hub of EV information and knowledge, with tips and tricks for getting the most out of your EV, and helpful blogs on using the Electroverse app.


Where are Octopus Electroverse chargers located?


Find out more and get £10 free credit at the Octopus Electroverse website here.