The only EV charger sharing app made for EV owners by EV owners.


What is Joosup?

Joosup is a peer-to-peer EV charger sharing app for iOS and Android, enabling homeowners to rent out their chargers to other EV drivers. 
Whether you'd like to drive an EV without a home charger, you're off on a trip and need local charging points, or you've got a home charger and you'd like to make a bit of extra income, Joosup has you covered. 


Why do we love it?

Joosup empowers drivers to reserve bookable electrified parking at rates competitively lower than many of the cheaper public charge-point operators, helping to eliminate charger anxiety.
Joosup helps more people to embrace electric driving by making it easier than ever to take long journeys in your EV with plenty of local charging options, as well as helping neighbours without driveway charging make the switch to electric.
Signing up is quick and easy - just download the app, enter your details, and you're ready to start sharing your charger or finding one nearby. Simple!



Find out more about Joosup here, or download the app for iPhone or Android.