How much could solar panels save on your home electricity bills?

We’re all more conscious of our energy use than ever - which is great news for our planet, but not so much for our pocket.

As energy prices continue to rise, we’re all looking at long-term solutions to lower our bills and protect ourselves from fluctuating energy prices.

Solar panels are an increasingly popular way to do this - but are they worth the investment? We take a closer look in this guide…

How much do solar panels cost?

According to the Eco Experts, the average cost of installing solar panels on a three-bedroom UK home is £5,420, with the cost dropping by a huge 82% in the last decade. 

Since 2021, solar energy has actually been the cheapest form of energy, making the investment more attractive and more practical. 

An increasing number of UK homeowners are taking advantage of solar power; 2022 was a record year for solar panel orders since the UK Government removed subsidies in 2015, with a total of 130,596 new installations, and Google searches for ‘solar panels’ peaked in August 2022.

How much could solar panels save me?

The average homeowner can reduce their bills by 54% by installing solar panels, meaning that a solar panel system can pay for itself in just 10 years.  

Solar panels don’t generally cost much to maintain, apart from cleaning the panels when needed to keep them working efficiently, and most solar panels now offer a 25 year warranty.

As solar panels generate the most electricity during the brightest hours of the day, it pays to run your high-energy appliances during daylight hours where possible; timers can be used on appliances like dishwashers and washing machines to make most of your solar energy supply, and help boost your savings.

As 2022 saw the UK receive 9% more sunshine than average and was also the hottest year on record, our climate is more appropriate than ever for solar electricity, only increasing the potential to generate electricity and save on bills.

Are solar panels a good investment?

With an average 10 year payback period, if you’re looking to live in your home for a while then you’ll be able to enjoy the returns well into the future.

However, solar panels don’t just allow you to save money on your energy bills; you're also investing in your property, helping it to maintain a peak value by future-proofing your home.

Solar panels can also increase the attractiveness of a property to potential buyers - something to consider if you’re thinking of selling in the future!


The global energy industry is gradually transitioning from dirty fossil fuels to clean renewables – and solar panel technology is at the forefront of this movement.

As solar panels continue to improve while also getting cheaper – and as household bills rise to unprecedented levels – we’re confident that more homeowners and businesses will make the swap to cleaner energy. 

With the solar industry evolving at such a rapid rate, we can expect innovations to make domestic solar panels even cheaper and more efficient in the near future.

You can read more about solar panels for your home in our guide, and you can find out the answers to some frequently asked questions about solar power here.