Transform your ESG journey with ESG Baseline

We’re with you on your ESG journey to advise, support and guide you.

In partnership with Transform ESG, Action Net Zero is excited to introduce ESG Baseline.

ESG Baseline will provide data and insights for your organisation, and support your journey with a hosted workshop specifically tailored to your organisation's needs.

You'll get a bespoke ESG Strategy and Action Plan, as well as online support and guidance for your customised plan.

What is ESG Baseline?

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is complex, and many individuals and businesses don’t know where to start. ESG Baseline is an innovative programme designed to give you all the insights you need to formulate your ESG strategy.

But we know that without action, strategy is meaningless.

That’s why we’ve developed a 12-month programme which takes you through the steps to make it happen, with guidance and advice tailored to your individual context and situation. 

ESG Baseline's innovative 12-month programme designed to help businesses to...

• Engage your people and stakeholders

• Set your ESG strategy and plan

• Measure your carbon footprint

• Put plans into action

• Report on your progress

We'll be there with you every step of the journey to advise, support and guide you. 

What you’ll achieve through ESG Baseline

ESG Baseline is not a ‘do for you’ programme. We facilitate and equip you with the information and resources to formulate your own ESG strategy and action plan.

We support you throughout this process with guidance and check-ins, to ensure you meet objectives and demonstrate achievements.

You'll achieve:

1) A clear view on the business case for ESG and how it supports organisational objectives

2) Clarity on priorities and short term opportunities for your organisation

3) Alignment and engagement across your organisation

4) Demonstrable progress and reporting on achievements over 12 months

5) Support every step of the way

Select your programme

ESG Baseline is the perfect programme for organisations and business leaders wanting to embed ESG into their organisations – with immediate impact.

There are 3 simple options to choose from:

Cohort: Join other business leaders in a collaborative programme where you will complete ESG Baseline alongside different organisations.

Core: ESG Baseline specific to your organisation, including a hosted workshop with senior leaders.

Comprehensive: A tailored programme that includes additional expertise to guide and advise your organisation on formulating your strategy and implementation. 

Your programme leads

Veronica Hannon: Co-founder & Director, Transform ESG

With decades of top-level brand marketing and communications experience, Ronnie brings unparalleled strategic communications insights to Transform ESG. She builds organisations into brands and business leaders into thought leaders – and thought doers.

Pam Barbato: Founder, Action Net Zero

Pam has over 25 years’ experience as a brand, marketing and sustainability engagement specialist. Having worked with SMEs and corporate enterprises in both the private and public sectors, she brings to Transform ESG an astute awareness of how to increase engagement and build communities that do good.

Getting started

If you're ready to start your ESG journey, we'd love to help. 

To find our more about ESG Baseline, as well as the dates available, complete our short application form.