How to add green tech to your home and increase property value by remortgaging

As the impact of climate change becomes more apparent in our everyday lives, more of us are looking for ways to make our homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, such as investing in solar panels or renewable heating.

However, funding upgrades like these can be a challenge. In this guide, we explore how homeowners can remortgage their properties to release funds and invest in green technology, ultimately increasing the value of their homes.

Introducing GreenVal

By using a new online tool, homeowners are now able to see the costs and total value of some of the most popular green home upgrades, and create a personalised retrofit plan. 

Created by the AI-driven proptech startup Propflo, GreenVal is a unique one-stop-shop solution designed to provide comprehensive support to homeowners in making their properties more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Propflo is now exploring a model with mortgage intermediaries, including their strategic partnership with Habito, a leading digital mortgage broker.

How GreenVal helps homeowners

GreenVal offers a range of features designed to empower homeowners with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about green technology integration. 

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Comprehensive Business Case: GreenVal provides homeowners with a detailed business case, outlining the costs and benefits associated with incorporating green technology into their properties. This information helps homeowners make financially sound decisions as they consider remortgaging to fund these upgrades.
  • Resilience Rating: Through GreenVal, homeowners gain insight into their property's resilience, through factors like thermal comfort, air quality and financial stability. This rating helps homeowners prioritise improvements and understand the long-term value of energy-efficient upgrades.
  • Direct Quotes: GreenVal enables homeowners to obtain quotes from leading accredited national suppliers, ensuring competitive prices for green technology installations.
  • Alternative Solutions: In addition to solar panels, GreenVal also highlights alternative options, such as batteries, electric vehicle (EV) charge points, and heat pumps. These additional solutions can further enhance a property's sustainability and resilience ratings.
  • DIY Options: For homeowners on a budget, GreenVal explores low-cost and do-it-yourself improvement opportunities that can be purchased directly, allowing for more flexibility and affordability when upgrading to green technology.

Remortgaging as a funding solution

Remortgaging is one way to fund the addition of green technology to your home. By remortgaging, homeowners can release funds from the equity in their property and use the capital released to invest in energy-efficient upgrades, such as solar panels

This not only allows homeowners to make their properties environmentally friendly but also potentially increases the overall value of their homes.

Mortgage intermediaries play a crucial role in assisting homeowners in their pursuit of green technology integration. With GreenVal, homeowners can rely on the expertise and guidance of mortgage brokers to explore suitable finance options for their energy-efficient upgrades. 

By collaborating with lenders, mortgage intermediaries can ensure homeowners gain access to the most favourable and appropriate finance options available.

The future of sustainable homes

As the demand for sustainable homes continues to rise, integrating green technology into properties becomes not just an eco-friendly choice but also a strategic investment. By remortgaging, UK homeowners have the opportunity to align their properties with environmentally conscious principles, thereby increasing both the property's value and its appeal to potential buyers or tenants.

Thanks to GreenVal, UK homeowners are empowered to make their properties more energy-efficient and sustainable. By utilizing the tool and considering remortgaging, homeowners can release funds to invest in green technology, such as solar panels, ultimately increasing the value of their properties. This innovative solution not only benefits the environment but also positions homeowners for a prosperous future in the growing market for sustainable homes. So, if you're a homeowner passionate about energy efficiency and increasing the value of your property, explore the possibilities and embark on a journey towards a greener and more valuable home.

Ready to make your home more energy-efficient?

There are so many ways to incorporate green tech into your home, from quick switches to bigger investments. Check out GreenVal, read more of our guides below, or head to our Eco Homes section for more.