Elmtronics is an award winning UK fleet chargepoint infrastructure provider.


What do they do?

Elmtronics is the UK’s leading electric car charging company. They specialise in public charging stations, as well as electric car charging points at home and for business. They have provided electric vehicle charging solutions to a variety of industries, including some of the UK’s largest councils, NHS Trusts and household name brands.

Specialising in workplace, fleet, destination and home EV charging, they support our customers in the planning, design, installation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging.


Why do we love them?

Elmtronics offer a full-service approach to drivers transitioning to electric vehicles, making sure the necessary charging infrastructure is in place so the switch is as simple as possible.

“We are a family of employees who believe in the zero carbon mission. Success for us would be knowing that through the Action Net Zero programme we have inspired others to take the steps towards reducing their carbon footprint and knowing that we are there to help them. Being part of the programme means we strengthen our partnerships with the other regional thought leaders in zero emission mobility and success will be seeing many more businesses and the public getting an opportunity to explore their options to decarbonise and move away from internal combustion engine vehicles.”

Sara Sloman, Head of Future Mobility Partnership, Elmtronics


For more information, take a look at the Elmtronics website.