Zeal Hotels
Easy, affordable action towards a greener net zero future.

Zeal Hotels

Zeal Hotels is an independent UK company working in the hospitality sector. Tim Wheeldon is Managing Director.

Describing themselves as ‘Mindfully Modern’, Zeal Hotels are creating the world’s first ‘truly sustainable hotel’. The simplistic yet elegant 3-4* hotels are designed to be living spaces which promote sustainability while celebrating the company’s eco-credentials. The innovative carbon neutral hotel boasts 120+ rooms and suites as well as a bar, restaurant, meeting rooms, workspaces and on-site beehives!

Environmental and social sustainability

Zeal Hotels want to ensure that their designs have a positive impact on the lives of guests, local communities, and the wider world. They are doing this by making sure that both their construction and operation are sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly.

By focusing on using carbon negative building materials right at the start, they are considering the carbon footprint of their hotels before they are built. This means they are giving them the best chance of having a light carbon footprint throughout their lives. The hotel’s design also includes solar powered electric car charging points, water retention policies, beehives and solar powered USB points!

Zeal Hotels also earn their eco-credentials by providing education on energy and resource conservation issues such as natural building materials, ecology and sustainable management techniques.

Before a commercial building's doors even open, around 40% of their CO2 emissions are deposited into the atmosphere. Zeal Hotels are challenging this industry norm by planning a carbon neutral hotel which uses cross laminated timber (CLT) instead of concrete, thus reducing their emissions by approximately 40% over a 40+ year life cycle. 

As well as ensuring the hotel’s construction is carbon neutral, Zeal Hotels are also designed to operate sustainably by:

  • Harvesting resources - The buildings will harvest and use energy generated from rainwater and solar PV panels before utilising the energy and resource infrastructure.
  • Education and conservationZeal Hotels’ herb gardens and on-site bee farms enable them to actively promote and educate on conservation, growth and the sustainable harvesting of flora and fauna.

Why we love them?

By being ethical, efficient and accountable, Zeal Hotels are making it easier for travellers to make sustainable and responsible travel choices that they can feel good about. What’s more, their environmentally conscious designs don’t come at the expense of any creature comforts!  

‘We love their theatre kitchen, an open space which invites guests to watch the chefs at work, learn about sustainable cooking and eat freshly produced local foods.’

Pam Barbato, ActionNetZero Founder

'In the next decade, we’re all going to feel either the pressure or desire to examine many of our day-to-day habits and make more responsible choices. Choices that will help to reduce the impact of our lives on the environment, contribute to our communities, and choices that look after our individual and collective wellbeing. At Zeal Hotels we are leading the way so our guests can feel genuinely good about their decision to stay with us.' 

Tim Wheeldon, Managing Director

Watch this space… Zeal Hotels are planning to open their doors in 2021. For more information follow them on Twitter or get in touch with Tim Wheeldon at tim@zealhotels.com or visit the website www.zealhotels.com