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Change your teabags | Make sure they're plastic-free

Do you take plastic with your tea?

We are a nation of tea drinkers. 84% of us drink the comforting brew on a daily basis, collectively consuming a staggering 100,000,000 cups a day (so the UK Tea and Infusions Association tells us).

But did you know many tea bags contain plastic? Polypropylene to be precise, a sealing agent which is used to stop the bags falling apart. Unfortunately this material isn't recyclable or biodegradable so putting tea bags in a food caddy doesn't stop the problem, and ultimately they end up polluting our environment. 

However, there is a solution which is to buy loose leaf tea or switch to a tea bag brand which doesn't use plastic.

Here are some of the 'not bad tea bag' optons to choose from. They offer plastic-free tea bags which still taste great. 

  • Clipper organic everyday tea 
  • We are English breakfast tea 
  • T2 earl grey tea bags 
  • Pukka Herbs 
  • Twinnings lose leaf pyramid bag tea 
  • Tea pigs everyday brew tea bags 
  • Co-op own brand 99 tea, Fairtrade 




Will you give this a go?
Here are some companies that can help you along the way

Bristol Chai project

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