Easy, affordable action towards a greener net zero future.

Shoot for the Jars

Shoot For the Jars is democratising Zero-Waste shopping making it convenient for families!

Shoot For the Jars is a local (busy) family story.

We wanted to live more eco-responsibly and to shop in local Zero-Waste shops.

And this is where the problem occurred! Despite their great work, the Zero-Waste offers were not ideal for young family living in residential areas like us – the shops are in the city centre where it is impossible to park, cluttered and the customer journey is quite complicated.

Imagine yourself after a long day of work, after you picked up your children from school, trying to weigh heavy glass jars for your weekly shopping with a crying baby in a hand, your shopping list in the other, your children running and screaming and trying all the different handles, in a cluttered shop, while you are apologizing around… In a word - a NIGHTMARE.

Therefore, we got back to the good old Sainsbury's buying bananas wrapped in plastic and, like so many others, we were unable to live our life as we would like.

That’s why we decided to create Shoot for the Jars – to give everyone the chance to do something great for the community and for the planet!

How does it work?

It’s quiet simple, you shop online from our wide selection of local and organic products. You collect your groceries from the shop, and you return your empty containers from previous orders for money. You only buy what you need with zero plastic, you support local producers, you do great for the Earth and you do great for your family’s health!

What can you do?

We aim at opening in Spring 2021 after our crowdfunding campaign – to help us bringing Shoot for the Jars to life, you can support us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter here.

Let’s go loopy together!