Pure Planet
Easy, affordable action towards a greener net zero future.

Pure Planet

Pure Planet is a green energy supplier based in Bath that offers 100% renewable, cleaner and cheaper energy.

What do they do?

This entirely digital renewable energy supplier helps its members to support Britain’s journey to Net Zero carbon emissions by providing them with green energy. The organisation is driven by a desire to create a sustainable future and a long-term vision to see Britain being powered entirely by renewables.

What does their product or service do in sustainability terms?

The supplier is tackling environmental sustainability issues by only providing renewably sourced energy to its customers. By carbon offsetting the gas its members use in projects such as tree planting in Peru and supporting the transition to clean energy in the Philippines, Pure Planet also plays a role in supporting social and financial sustainability.

In addition to rolling out energy saving smart meters, being digital only and hosting an online community for peope to discuss sustainability issues, Pure Planet earns its ecocredentials by;

  • Providing renewable electricity from the sun, wind and water. Last year (April 2019 — March 2020), their electricity mix was 89% wind, 11% sun and a tiny little bit of hydro.
  • Planting and protecting trees in the Amazon and supporting the Philippines’ clean energy transition as part of a promise to provide gas which is carbon offset at no additional cost.
  • Publishing articles on green living, (such as the benefits of getting an electric bike), and campaigns like Zero Hero, a competition which asks members to share information on any green events or initiatives they’ve been involved in.
  • Holding a Carbon Free Commute day each year to celebrate #CleanAirDay and raise awareness of carbon emissions.

Why we love them?

Pure Planet was founded in 2017 by friends who wanted to offer green energy for less than 'brown polluting power’. They were highlighted by Which? In 2020 as a recommended provider and are rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot. What’s more, their switching process is really easy and only takes a few minutes!

"We love that by providing 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas they can offer us guilt-free and cheap energy, easily accessed on an intuitive app!"  Pam Barbato, ActionNetZero Founder

"We believe in a clear, clean future. No fossils, no nukes, no fracking. We only source our electricity from sun, wind and water." Pure Planet

Not convinced to make the switch? Check out their Instagram and Facebook feeds for more info on how Pure Planet are creating a smart, sustainable and shared future. Already a member? Recruit a friend to be a ‘Zero Hero’ and you’ll both get £50.