Easy, affordable action towards a greener net zero future.

A practical pathway to reach Net Zero with Giki

A new report shows how individuals can reach Net Zero, starting with ‘Cut a Tonne in ‘21’ and using a combination of Reduce, Replace and Repair steps in their own lifestyles.

Organisations across the UK join Giki to help people achieve this goal.

Companies, local government, schools, charities, community groups and parishes are working together with Giki to inform and help people across the UK to cut a tonne off their personal carbon footprint in 2021. The initiative is supported by the UN High Level Champions for COP26 and its Race to Zero campaign. Personal behaviour change, particularly in high income countries, is a crucial step to reach the goal of Net Zero. Cut a Tonne in ’21 breaks this target into bite size, measurable, achievable chunks.

How individuals can get to Net Zero is detailed for the first time in “Reduce, Replace, Repair - A Practical Pathway for individuals to reach Net Zero” a report written by James Hand, co-founder of Giki and Dr Richard Carmichael of Imperial College London.

Nigel Topping, UK High Level Climate Action Champion: “Many of the everyday changes that cut carbon, also improve wellbeing and as this report shows, using a framework of Reduce, Replace, Repair, it is achievable by 2030 or sooner. 

We believe that citizens and consumers can come together to choose a new future and we invite everybody to start now. You can use Giki Zero to Cut a Tonne in ’21, as your first step to reaching net zero, for a healthier, resilient zero carbon future for us all.”

Policy and business transformation is fundamental in order to reach national and international net zero targets. But individuals also play a major role. On a global basis, individuals account[1] for almost three quarters of greenhouse gas emissions[2]

In the UK, we have an average carbon footprint of 9 tonnes per person per annum.[3] This compares to 5 tonnes globally. So kicking off with “Cut a tonne in ‘21” will be an important first step in the Race to Zero for citizens. [4]

Report authors James Hand and Dr Richard Carmichael explain: “Whilst many people want to do the right thing they are often unsure about what “right” looks like, or what exactly to do. The Reduce, Replace, Repair framework helps answer those questions by providing a practical pathway for individuals to reach Net Zero. It’s hugely encouraging that by taking the right steps people can dramatically cut their carbon footprints based on choices available today.”

Professor Emeritus Tim O’Riordan of the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia: “The lead up to the opening of COP26 gives us all the time to find the most suitable ways to cut a tonne of our carbon equivalent emissions by its 1st November 2021 opening in Glasgow.

The first tonne is the easy tonne for most of us, but for some it will be more difficult due to cost and degree of effort. So the cutting of a tonne is a communal task, shared with everyone and leading to a better world for everyone. If the whole of the United Kingdom can do this through joint but variable contributions, what a wonderful contribution that would be for the healthy future of this planet and its peoples.”

How can people get involved?

Anyone can join and there are three key steps for anyone wishing to get involved:

  1. Measure and understand your carbon footprint: You can do this using Giki Zero’s science based personal carbon footprint calculator.
  2. Make a commitment: Commit to ‘Cut a tonne in ‘21’ on Giki Zero (or 10% for those over UK average of 9 tonnes per person per annum)
  3. Find the best ways for you to achieve it: Giki Zero will help people find the best ways for their own lifestyle and budget to cut a tonne from their lifestyle.


How can Action Net Zero Bristol help?

We're here to support you on your net zero journey with plenty of handy guides and tips:

  1. Reduce: Save money and energy by reducing the heat loss from your home.
  2. Replace: Why not swap a few meals each week for a plant-based dish, to lower your environmental impact and increase your intake of fresh greens. There are plenty of delicious plant-based restaurants in Bristol to help you do just that!
  3. Repair: Simply buying less new clothes, by both shopping vintage and repairing things that you love to extend their life, is an easy and cost-saving way to reduce your impact on the planet.


Partner organisations and people:

Toby Willison, Director of Environment and Corporate Affairs, Southern Water: “Climate change is already having major implications for water management in the UK. We work with our customers to help them understand the benefits of managing their water use, which has a knock-on effect of also reducing their carbon footprint. Giki Zero is a great way to help people achieve this and we’re working with them to explore future collaborations.”

Helen Hughes, Sustainability Director, Design Bridge: “Giki Zero has inspired many of us at Design Bridge to take realistic steps towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. The tool is personable and intuitive to use, and its positive approach and the collaborative nature of Giki Zero makes it a great fit for our company culture.”

Sammy Fry, Net Zero Programme Executive at Tech Nation: At Tech Nation, we are proud to be supporting and working with Giki on the Net Zero Programme to mobilise sustainable behavioural change. Cut a Tonne in '21 creates a compelling and much needed narrative to collectively inspire individuals to actively reduce their environmental footprint. Similar to how couch to 5K inspired a global fitness movement, Cut a Tonne in ’21 has the ability to drive a transformational, sustainable lifestyle movement. 


Paul Dickinson, Chair climate NGO CDP, co-presenter Outrage and Optimism podcast.  “The Race to Zero is for governments, corporations, investors, cities and you! So often people say they do not know what to do but Giki Zero maps out simple steps to reduce your carbon and improve your quality of life, a big win win. It’s fun to use too!”

Scott Sallee, Social Impact Manager, dentsu international: “COP26 will ensure that the eyes of the world are focused on the UK in 2021. This provides all of us with a great opportunity to take a strong, leadership position when it comes to driving global action. As a business, we’re proud to join many of our clients and partners with a 2030 Net Zero strategy, approved by the Science-Based Targets initiative. However, achieving this will only be possible if every individual understands and embraces their role in helping us achieve our targets. It’s this that makes Giki Zero such a valuable tool in supporting individuals on their sustainability journeys.”

Donna Stimson, Councillor with responsibility for Climate Change and Sustainability, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.  “Giki Zero is the best tool I have found to help me understand how to reduce my personal carbon footprint.  Reaching net zero will require profound, societal change, so this friendly, easy to use and engaging platform is an extremely practical breakdown of all the steps we need to take to take responsibility as best we can.  Most local authorities have climate strategies to deliver with a large chunk of community engagement.   I will be urging the residents in our Borough to take part in ‘Cut a Tonne in ‘21’

Katharine Lewis, Helston Climate Action Group, Helston Footprints project, Cornwall: “2021 is such a critical year. We know that as a society we need to make radical changes to the way we live if we are to stay below 1.5oC, and this can feel daunting. But we all have a role to play, and we can do so much more by working together. Giki Zero offers a way to start where we are, understand our personal carbon footprint and that of our household, and work with others in our community to support each other in making changes, reducing our impact while building compassionate and resilient communities. We are excited to be using Giki Zero in the Helston Footprints project, as we work together to create a carbon neutral future for our town.”

Jen Gale, Sustainable living campaigner and author of The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide: “It’s clear from the stats that as individuals and families we have a huge amount of potential to be part of the transition to net zero. Using Giki is a really simple and effective way to get to know your carbon footprint, and then importantly to start to reduce it. Cutting emissions by a tonne in a year might sound daunting but is actually really do-able - imagine the impact of millions of us cutting a tonne in 2021!”


Marie Rumsby: Global Citizen UK Director: "It’s great to see from this report that achieving net zero is truly possible for all of us to realise in our daily lives. From governments to individuals, everyone can have an impact on tackling the climate crisis. Giki Zero is an effective tool in empowering individuals to start out on that journey to make a difference. "


Dr Jessica Tipton, Founder of London Schools Eco-Network and Secondary Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages: “The Giki Zero carbon footprint tool is unusual in being both accessible and rigorous. Since its inception I have attended several Giki Zero workshops with students from our eco-networks and they have been totally inspired to take action themselves and spread the word about the app to their peers and families. What is brilliant is that you know the actions are based on science and tailored to your current lifestyle, making it suitable for anyone and everyone. Whenever I am asked by colleagues, students or friends for ways to reduce their footprint Giki Zero is what I recommend.”

Harriet Lamb, CEO of climate solutions charity, Ashden: ‘We know that tackling climate change is possible and practical, with easy steps from walking the children to school to cycling more. I love the challenge of cutting a tonne in 2021 – but that can seem daunting. So a tool like Giki can help, as can initiatives such as working through schools to help them reach zero carbon by 2030. We know how many solutions are out there to help us – and now we need to get behind them at scale and pace. ”

Georgina Wilson-Powell, Founder of Pebble Magazine and author of Is it Really Green? “We partnered with Giki in 2020 for our first virtual festival which allowed ticket holders to commit to reducing their carbon. We're proud to offer that to our growing conscious consumer audience at pebble in 2021, to put our #EverydayActivism ethos in motion in real time, with a real impact. Giki and pebble help normal people to come together and make a difference in our global fight against climate change.”

About Giki

Giki, the social enterprise behind the campaign, will help people work out the best way for their lifestyle and budget to cut a tonne of carbon emissions from their day to day lives. They can do this through the free tool Giki Zero, which provides a choice of over 130 steps, all rated on ease and impact, so that people can select the right steps for them.  Giki has built a detailed, science based calculator that uses 32 footprint models, and over 10,000 variables, to help estimate an individual’s carbon footprint. These footprints also split out between individual footprints (e.g. food) and household footprints (e.g. electricity) use. This comprehensive data modelling we believe, is what makes Giki Zero one of the best carbon footprint calculators currently available.

Giki Zero: https://zero.giki.earth

Contact: Jo Hand, Co-founder Giki: jo.hand@giki.co.uk / 0795 0000 272