Carbon Copy
Easy, affordable action towards a greener net zero future.

Carbon Copy

Carbon Copy is a non-profit charity that runs an innovative online carbon zero solutions hub. They are also refreshingly non-political.

What do they do?

Their purpose is to help speed up environmental and climate action by linking organisations and groups across the UK who have the same vision for a carbon zero future. They don’t dwell on problems, or claim to have all the answers, Carbon Copy are just passionate about finding solutions and gathering success stories. Inspiring others to take action is their key focus.

What does their product or service do in sustainability terms?

The organisation is tackling all the main environmental sustainability issues from Air pollution and Biodiversity Loss, through to Water, Carbon emissions and Waste. They encourage members to share their low-carbon projects so that these can be implemented or adapted all across the UK.

The charity also provides a space which can: 

  • Highlight new approaches and first-hand experiences through its webinar series ‘Building Back Better’
  • Speed up learning and action by facilitating online discussions

The charity provides a digital base for UK organisations to share the steps they are taking locally to tackle the environmental and climate emergency. Organisations are encouraged to join the platform (for free) as members, and share any actions they are taking which deal with Energy, Buildings, Circular Economy, Transport, Nature or Land Use. Initiatives can be a project, policy, enterprise or toolkit.

Carbon Copy is also driving change by:

  • Addressing the need for structual change
  • Transforming ‘step by step’
  • Encouraging joined up collaboration
  • Letting local initiatives take the lead
  • Inspiring action in others

Why we love them?

Carbon Copy is building on the momentum which was created when hundreds of councils and community groups declared a climate emergency. Their aim is to accelerate change by providing successful and practical solutions to the climate emergency.

‘We love their solutions-based approach and focus on sharing worthwhile reasons for tackling the challenges we face on the road to net zero.'

Pam Barbato, ActionNetZero Founder