Easy, affordable action towards a greener net zero future.

This is Greener

Sustainability Matchmaking for SMEs

What is Greener?

Greener is an online sustainability matchmaking platform for SMEs in food and drink industry. Our platform matches the seekers and providers of sustainable solutions based on their specific needs and business behaviours.

How did it happen?

At Greener we believe that sustainability is not a requirement but a necessity that needs to be incorporated in daily operational decisions across businesses. And despite of its importance, the road to sustainability has always looked very complicated and unclear. Our platform is a simple and effective tool that not only understands the needs of businesses and the sustainable offerings of the market but also is capable of making business matches that lead to long-term partnerships and more sustainable business landscape as a whole.

Why Greener?

Whether you are seeking sustainable solutions or providing them, you are constantly faced with the dilemma of who is your right buyer or the best fit supplier. This process of finding the right business partner is often carried out through hours of searching, word of mouth, or perhaps accidental connections. But we know that the market has so much more to offer than the first page of google search or trade shows that only expose those who attend it. And so, we offer a platform that can bring state of the art innovation to your operations or promote your innovative solutions to a greater market without any complexity.

Greener businesses save money, time, and resources through finding partnerships that suit their specific needs and operations accurately. Most importantly our users build a more sustainable future, one partnership at a time.

What’s next?

We are very close to our first launch in April 2021 and cannot wait to share our product with you and the world!

At the moment we are conducting a focus group to test our product features and would love to have you involved. If you work in food and drink industry (including farming, manufacturing and processing, retail, packaging, waste management, food services, compliance consulting) we need you! Head over to our website and simply put in your details and we will be in touch very soon. Additionally, you can register for early involvement of the product and join the movement towards a greener world.