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Going electric | Alex's story

Looking for an alternative to a fuel hungry car or van? An electric moped might be the answer.

Alex runs a diesel campervan, he loves a trip to the beach but he was feeling increasingly guilty about running his van for his daily commute; only 6 miles from where he lives, but takes him in rush hour up to 40 minutes.  So he decided he'd invest in an electric moped to reduce his reliance on a diesel van and reduce his diesel miles!
For just £1,750, Alex bought an electric moped as his 'run around'. Through some very thorough research and possibly a bit of luck, Alex bought a second hand electric bike which only had 46 miles on the clock. He decided to invest in a new leather seat and bought insurance for £180, but no tax or servicing to think about! 
The current running costs for his van are approximately 30p per mile (including maintenance). Since having it he's done 650 miles and expects to do roughly 2,000 miles a year, so his payback will be 3 years. His payback would obviously be significantly quicker if his commute was longer, but the trip is also much faster because he's not stuck in traffic!
30p x 2,000 x 3 years = £1,800.00.
Alex does 150 - 200 miles per month on the bike most trips being about 15 miles but the battery lasts 60 miles without needing to be re-charged, so it's still perfect for longer commutes. 
 Alex enjoys driving it because it's extremely easy and fun. He also feels much happier knowing that he's not harming the environment while happily zipping around.